Saturday, May 22, 2021

Difference between Power Washing and Pressure Washing

 We often see a lot of confusion between power washing and pressure washing. So, are they the same thing? Well, today we are going to discuss the same. Before we talk of the differences between the two processes, let us first talk of the similarity as well. Both of them use highly pressurized water in order to remove dirt and other particles. Also, they both are helpful in treating hard surfaces. Power washing Charlotte is one of the best organizations to assist you with the entire deal. If you are still not sure about how these two services differ, read on...

Things that make power washing and pressure washing different

Both pressure washing and power washing use similar amounts of pressure. The amount of pressure used in the process depends mostly on the type of the machine. A housing unit will offer lesser power in comparison to that of the industrial machine. There is one factor that differentiates a power washer from that of a pressure washer, and that is the heating element. Both the machines use a water stream at high pressure. However, the power washer is solely meant to heat up the water.

Pressure washing is apt for regular household usage. It is considered to be ideal for application on things such as brick, concrete, and masonry. This mechanism is indeed amazing to deliver a quick clean on the deck or patio. On the contrary, you should go for power washing Charlotte services for larger jobs, particularly in a large commercial space. This heated water assists in doing the job really fast, as this heat enables you to loosen up the dirt. It is ideal for applying this process onto concrete and various other hard surfaces through power washing, as this force might end up damaging softer surfaces.

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